OEI Philosophy

The Philosophy of OEI is that all processes and programs are holistic and participant-centered. 

Every element - beginning with a full-battery assessment - has evolved from the identification of a specific gap in service needed to address a participant's barriers.  After that identification, a program is designed to ideally meet the need while the issues of policy and procedure are closely examined after program compliance.
Other essential elements to the project include common goals, trust, flexibility, teamwork, and partnerships.

  • Common Goals - among participants, partners and staff
  • Trust - among participants, partners and staff
  • Flexibility - in implementation-especially a willingness to look at policy as an enabler
  • Teamwork - everywhere.  Participants and potential employers must be a part of the team
  • Partnership - Ownership must give way to partnership.  Any and every resource to help the participant must be explored.

Both the Board of Directors and the OEI staff believe very strongly that none of the programs and services can be implemented successfully without an understanding of the underlying philosophy.

Do not go where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail