Cars for Work/Vehicles for Change

This program is designed to offer transportation options to TANF participants.  In far southwest Virginia, public forms of transportation are not optional or nonexistent.  The goals of employment and self-sufficiency are more attainable if one has transportation to work.

Occupational Enterprises, Inc./Vehicles for Change offer a no-money down, low-interest loan for a repayment period of up to 12 months.  Along with a car referral, the participant is required to complete an upfront Car Readiness Workshop which educates the prospective new car owner about budgeting, car maintenance, selecting a vehicle, credit repair, insurance and other necessary information.  The Cars for Work Program Manager works closely with the participant to complete all necessary paperwork to close the loan.

From June 2016 to present 57 participants have received cars.  The time for a participant to receive a car may take up to six months depending on the number of donated vehicles available.  Participants are expected to make timely payments and communicate with the Cars Program Manager on a regular basis.  The open communication ensures success for the participants and the program.

For more information about this program, call Jessica Harlan at 1-866-205-9517.