Together We Can

Scope of Services

Intensive Client Advocacy and Service Coordination for families involved with Child Protective Services, Foster Care and VIEW that have substance abuse issues.

Provision and corrdination of wraparound services for families includes:

    • Thorough assessment of family needs and barriers to meeting service plan goals.
    • Intensive client advocacy within Family Engagement meetings, court proceedings, treatment settings, educational settings, employment, and the larger community.
    • Intensive motivation of parents to engage in activities supporting recovery, employment, and effective parenting.
    • Coordination of social services, adult education services, mental health services, court services, youth services, employment services, and recovery services.
    • Effective modeling of adult relational, parenting, and employment skills and roles.
    • Group activities that motivate and support change, recovery and self-sufficiency.
    • Consistent recovery support available 24/7.
    • Assistance in obtaining essential documents, including birth certificates, social security cards, and driver's licenses.
    • Assistance in obtaining employment.
    • Coordination of transportation for appointments.
    • Incentives for families to continue progress toward service plan goals.
    • Evidence Based team approach.

    This program has a proven record of assisting individuals attain long-term recovery form substance abuse and addiction, and families to remain intact or become reunified, with parents caring for their children in healthier ways, and children's lives becoming more stable.  Families have achieved greater self-sufficiency, leading to increased productivity and a decreased drain on community resources.